Shenington: Strong weekend

A strong weekend at a wet and windy Shenington.
It started with 2 practice sessions. First practice was dry on slicks and my pace was good. Second practice just as we went out of the pits it started raining and I enjoyed driving slicks in the wet still with good pace.
Heat 1 P13 to P2
Heat 2 P11 to P1
Heat 3 P5 to P1
Which gave me pole for the final.
For the final the track was nearly dry but not enough for slicks. In the final the pace was not as good in the intermediate conditions as it had been in the wet finishing P4. Lots learned this weekend taking away all of the positives. Hope to come back stronger in my next race.

Big thanks to Fusion Motorsport Shox Performance and Jake Walker for keeping me on the right tracks.