LGM: Rowrah

Final round of LGM is now over with an up and down weekend trying out lots of different things ready for last round of the British next week.

We had mixed grids with a front, middle and back. In the first Heat I started P5 before dropping back a few places at the start, but then made my way back up to P2. In Heat 2, my middle grid was next up, which was P9, whereupon I made my way up to finish P3.

This meant that for Heat 3, I had my back grid which was last P24. Following a good start up to P15, I got put onto the grass which left me in last position, I then climbed my way back up to P15 which was not a ideal. However, I still started P6 for the final.

When we went out for the final, the rain was getting ever closer, and just to make it be even more interesting the race was red flagged due to a timing issue. This meant the rain had more time to close in on us, which wasn’t ideal now being on slicks. Once the final resumed, I made a good first couple of laps in the dry up to P2, and had the pace to win. However, the rain arrived, the track got slippery and more slippery until eventually the track was soaked. Unfortunately I dropped back to P6, but made my way back up to P4 just missing out on a podium.

Overall lots learnt and tested ready for next weekends final British round, and hopefully taking P2 behind my teammate Jesse. Huge thanks to @jakewalker83 and @fusion_motorsport @shox_performance for all your help throughout the weekend.