Kartmasters 2022

IAME Cadet –
The weekend started really good putting on pole by 0.00 from @riley_cranham_18 .
Heat 1 P1-P6
Heat 2 P1-P1
Heat 3 P14-P6
Heat 4 P2-P2
Heat 5 P21-P8
Pre Final P4-P7
I started P7 making a good start then I got to P1 and @riley_cranham_18 pushed me away just getting overtaken on the next last lap then taking it back but didn’t manage to hold it.
Waterswift –
A successful crashmasters completed!
After 5 heats I started the prefinal P9 coming through to P7.
In the final it started good managing to hold my position and looking fast after struggling but then there was a crash coming out of the first hairpin and I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and rolled it with a brand new suit @freemuk ripped up.
Happy birthday and big thanks to @jakewalker83 @fusion_motorsport and @shox_performance and thank you to @kartpix for the superb photos.